Detailed accounts & explanations
provided in each of the presentations

Dispelling some of the myths
which have developed over the years

Listen & become a member of a jury
from the first half of the 20th century – you decide

Ask the questions
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What do you think?

Cases & Presentations...

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The A6 Murder

(aka the James Hanratty affair)

In 1961, a man was shot dead, and a woman raped and shot in a layby in Bedfordshire. A man was hanged but the story would occupy the front pages for half a century.

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The Corner Shop Killings

(aka The murder of Elizabeth Ridgley)

Just after the first world war, a woman and her dog were beaten to death inside a small corner shop in Hitchin. Two investigations were launched, each with a different conclusion.

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The Green Bicycle Murder

(aka the killing of Bella Wright)

Just after the first world war, a young woman was shot dead as she rode her bicycle along a country lane in Leicestershire. A man seen nearby on a green bicycle needed to be found.

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The Porthole Murder

(aka Body Overboard)

When actress Gay Gibson went missing from a passenger ship sailing from Cape Town to Southampton in 1947, a man was arrested and tried for murder despite the victim’s body never being found.

An introduction

from Paul Stickler

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Cover of 'The Long Silence' by Paul Stickler
The Long Silence

by Paul Stickler

The true story of James Hanratty and the A6 murder by Valerie Storie the woman who lived to tell the tale.

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Historical Talks and Presentations, for History and Social groups

Factual accounts of enduring true crime events of the twentieth century. Paul Stickler delivers a range of presentations relying on original archival material to provide an analysis of some of the most gruesome and complex murders. Become a member of the jury from the period and hear the evidence as they would have heard it and make your own decision about the guilt or otherwise of the person charged. Get Paul’s books to see a detailed account of events plus also see his recommended further reading on the cases.

Rarely are the cases straight forward. Controversy reigns and the presentations always stimulate searching questions. Whether these presentations are delivered on cruise ships world-wide or in a local village hall, they are absorbing, informative, entertaining and (quite often) funny.